The differential shop at Custom Differentials is capable of handling differential rebuilds and drivetrain work for cars, SUVs, light-duty and heavy-duty trucks. We service both foreign and domestic makes and models.

Our on-site custom fabrication shop allows us to perform nearly any custom request for drivetrain work. In addition, we maintain a large inventory of drivetrain parts in our adjacent warehouse, which allows us to turnaround most jobs in just 1-2 days!

Repair Services

Differentials are one of the most complicated systems on your vehicle. Don’t trust yours to just any average corner repair shop! At Custom Differentials we have over 25 years of servicing front and rear ends, and take pride in the commitment we put into each and every vehicle and project that passes through our shop.

Custom Differentials provides the following repair and rebuild services for differentials and drivetrain.

Wheel Bearing Replacement

Diagnosis of performance issues or noises, and speedy replacement for worn or damaged bearings and hubs.

Axle Repair

Repair and replacement of broken or damaged front and rear axles.

Differential Oil Change

Replacement of used differential oil with new gear oil to maintain the lifespan of the differential system. While changing oil we will inspect your differential components for any signs of wear and tear.

Front and Rear Differentials

Complete differential repair and rebuild services including spider gear replacement, carrier gear replacement, bearing and seal replacement, posi rebuild, and ring and pinion replacement.

Driveline and Driveshaft Service

Repair, replacement and rebuild services for drive shafts and driveline systems.

Manual Transmission Repair & Service

Replacement of complete transmission unit or rebuild of individual components.

Transfer Case Repair & Service

Replacement of complete transfer case unit or rebuild of individual components.

Performance Services

Upgrades to improve the performance of your car or truck’s traction, torque and durability.

Gear Ratio Change

Gear adjustments to properly redistribute power for aftermarket upgrades to wheels, powertrain or suspension.

Axle Upgrade

Aftermarket axle installation to improve drivetrain strength for off-road, racing or towing.

Traction Upgrades

Aftermarket locker and positraction installation to strengthen and increase performance for off-road, racing and towing.

Spin Free Kits (Unit Bearing Elimination)

Custom Differentials sells and installs aftermarket spin free kits to increase durability, reduce long-term bearing maintenance costs and improve fuel economy.

Complete Rear Ends

Custom Differentials sells and installs complete custom axle housings for upgrading your rear end, or front end, to stronger components than stock.

Restoration Services

Custom differential rebuild and restoration services for classic autos and kit cars. We are able to meet the unique drivetrain specifications of your classic car or truck, while also looking to improve performance above and beyond original stock benchmarks.